Originally made from polished obsidian, copper, gold, silver, bronze, or lead, modern mirrors require a bit more work. However, the process is still quite simple and allows homeowners to enjoy benefits such as reflected sunlight and rooms that feel airier and larger. The guide below discusses the manufacturing process before making a custom mirror order.

What Does Mirror Manufacturing Involve?

Reflective Coating Application

Glass plays a major role in mirror creation because of the material’s durability, hardness, clear nature, smooth surface, and workability. Once the glass gets cut to a custom mirror’s desired measurements, it receives a reflective coating typically made of aluminum, chrome, non-toxic silver, or gold. Most of the mirrors manufactured today feature silver or aluminum coatings since both metals offer excellent strength.

custom mirrorThe chosen metal coating undergoes heating in a specialized chamber to ensure a smooth application. Once the metal coating starts boiling, it gets compressed in a metal boiler or evaporator to provide the glass with a thin, precise covering. The back of the mirror undergoes a paint application to fortify and protect the coating.

Types of Mirrors

Mirrors come in several types, depending on what they are manufactured for. While many feature flat surfaces, others include different curvatures. A convex mirror, for example, protrudes outward to create a mildly distorted image that is smaller than the object it’s reflecting. Convex mirrors allow an individual to see more of what is around them, making them ideal driver and passenger side mirrors.

Concave mirrors curve inward so light reflects directly in front of them. Objects appear upside down in these mirrors when they are viewed from far away, but the image turns right side up as you get past the focal point. The image also enlarges upon close contact, resulting in applications for personal grooming such as shaving. 



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