Glass shower doors receive daily use, and over time, signs of wear and eat will appear. Many can be easily repairs when addressed early, which is why it’s important to recognize signs of common problems. Educating yourself will also help you prevent these issues, so use the following guide to get the most from your glass shower doors.

Common Issues With Glass Shower Doors

1. Dragging

A shower door will drag on the ground if it’s not properly aligned in the frame or if the hinges have come loose. Over time, this can grind down the glass at the base of the door and also scratch flooring. Realignment is a simple process best left to professionals since you’ll have to remove the door from the track.

2. Scratches

shower doorsScratches can be an eyesore on your shower doors and may worsen over time. If yours has picked up any, contact glass repair professionals. They can often buff out surface scratches to restore your doors clean, smooth surface. You can avoid future scratching by always keeping sharp objects away from the shower doors and by using non-abrasive cleaners.

3. Cracks & Chips

Cracks and chips are more serious issues and are going to worsen when exposed to heat. The deeper they are, the more likely they are to break the door, so don’t hesitate to contact professionals. They may be able to provide epoxy to repair the shower door. If the cracks have expanded, however, and the door is at risk of shattering, they may recommend a replacement.

4. Leaks

A leaking shower door increased the potential of water damage to your flooring and mold and mildew growth. You may find you end up with even more repairs when you put off the job, so make repairing the door a priority. You may need to adjust the door in the frame or reseal around the door to resolve the leak.


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