A shower should be as quick or as long as you want it to be. From providing peace and relaxation for a few minutes to allowing you freshen up after a long day, a shower is a crucial part of your routine. But without a shower door that works well, the task can become unpleasant and cumbersome. Here are a few clues it’s time for a new shower door. 

How to Tell You Need a New Shower Door

1. Cracked Glass

The most obvious indicator your shower door needs a replacement is if the glass has started to crack. Whether it has been banged around too many times, or the glass was of a lower quality to begin with, the cracks pose a major safety risk.

When glass has started to crack, it means it could shatter at any time, exposing anyone taking a shower to serious danger. So, when you notice any cracking, call a glass specialist to install a customized piece. 

2. Deteriorating Frame

shower doorAnother warning sign is when the frame has become covered in rust and mold. Because the shower is such a moist space, the frame becomes susceptible to corrosion and mold spores.

While some mold can be cleaned off, if it gets deep enough, it can be harder to access, creating a permanent health hazard for anyone taking a shower. Additionally, rust substantially diminishes the beauty of the fixture. 

3. Closing Difficulties

It’s also possible that you may start experiencing difficulty either opening or closing your shower door. No one wants to have to stage a whole battle to get into the shower every time they want to rinse off.

You may be dealing with a warped track or a deformed panel, but in either case, there is no reason to put up with such a hassle. You deserve a shower door that opens and closes with complete ease. 


If you think you may need to replace your shower door, contact a trusted glass replacement specialist like Monsey Glass in Spring Valley, NY. Serving the community for over half a century, the local company offers elegant custom shower doors designed to your exact specifications. For a free estimate, call (845) 352-2200. Learn more about the business by visiting their website. You can leave a review about their work here