Custom mirrors add more than beauty to your home’s interior. While they were originally limited to bathrooms and made the occasional hall or living room appearance, today’s design schemes use mirrors throughout the home. Here, review why they make excellent additions to any home design plan before determining what type of customizations work best for your walls.

4 Reasons to Use Custom Mirrors Around Your Home

1. They Add Depth

Mirrors make any room appear instantly larger because they create depth and the illusion of more space by reflecting contents such as furniture, rugs, and decor. Whether your home features several small rooms you would like to “enlarge” or several big rooms you want to make more luxurious, custom mirrors provide a simple and effective solution.

2. They Help Spread Natural & Artificial Light

custom mirrorsSunlight bounces off mirrors to increase natural illumination throughout your home and create an airier look and feel.

Place your custom mirrors across from windows of all sizes as well as light fixtures to avoid that dark, cramped look that can make you and your family feel claustrophobic. Mirrors also emphasize the beauty of assorted light fixtures throughout your home, such as antique lamps or other vintage finds.

3. They Make It Easy to Check Your Appearance

Adding mirrors of varying sizes and lengths throughout your home makes it easy to check your appearance, such as before you leave the house for work or a social engagement. If you install full-length mirrors, you get to see how your outfit looks as a whole.

4. They Provide Perfect Focal Point

Custom mirrors offer focal points you can decorate around. A large central mirror over a living room or den couch, for example, makes it easy to add smaller mirrors, assorted pieces of art and photography, wall hangings, and anything else that suits the space. Having a focal point to work with also promotes symmetry to help each room in your home look and feel balanced. 


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