In some spaces, mirrors are simply necessary from a functional standpoint. But this standard household fixture can also play more of an aesthetic role in your interior design. If you’re thinking of introducing a custom mirror or two to your living space, keep these advantages in mind.

Why Install Mirrors?

1. Add a Focal Point

Not all rooms are accented by traditional focal points, like fireplaces or mantels. In lieu of those objects, you can hang an ornate custom mirror on a bare wall. This is a creative way to draw the eye to that part of the room and generate an interesting point of intrigue.

You can also use it as a starting point for other elements. For example, you might surround it with ornate artwork to create a cohesive look.

2. Convey a Larger Look

custom mirrorA mirror is an effective tool used in creating the illusion of a roomier space. Compact rooms can seem tight and cramped, but adding a mirror instantly lends it a larger and more open appearance. This can be helpful in a bedroom or a sitting room that might otherwise feel claustrophobic.

Be strategic about placement. If it doesn’t overwhelm the space too much, you might consider applying a custom mirror to an entire wall.

3. Increase the Room’s Lighting

Dim rooms that lack natural lighting need all the help that they can get to appear brighter and more inviting. While it’s helpful to install radiant ambient lighting, you can maximize its effect by hanging a mirror.

If there is a window in the room, hang the mirror across from it so that it reflects the sun during the day. This is a simple and effective way to brighten up a lackluster space that could use a little boost of radiance.

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