Installing glass shower doors is a great way to add aesthetic value to any bathroom. They’re a popular choice for many modern construction and remodeling projects. However, there are still a number of misconceptions about this option that may cause you to rethink your own design plans. To help you make an informed decision, here is the truth behind some common myths surrounding glass shower enclosures.

Debunking Glass Shower Door Misconceptions

1. They’re Difficult to Keep Clean

With glass shower doors, it’s easy to see when water spots and soap scum have accumulated. This can make it seem like they require a great deal of maintenance.

However, removing buildup from glass is fairly simple. Spraying the doors with a water and white vinegar solution is a quick way to dissolve soap scum. Also, there are protective coatings you can have applied to the glass to prevent mineral deposits from forming.

2. They Don’t Offer Privacy

shower doorsThose who don’t live alone or just feel more comfortable being enclosed in the shower may believe they can’t get the same level of privacy with glass shower doors that they prefer. The truth is that there are many glass styles available to choose from, and you can design a shower with frosted, textured, or colored glass for more privacy. You can also place privacy film over clear glass doors.

3. They Break Easily

Because glass is known for being fragile, many homeowners are concerned about the safety of glass shower doors and the possibility of a serious injury occurring. In reality, the risk of this happening is low.

Although any type of glass can break, shower doors are made out of tempered glass, which is much more durable than regular glass. If it does break, it’s made to split into small circular pieces instead of shattering into sharp-edged shards.


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