Windows offer a line of defense between the outside elements and your home’s interior. However, when they aren’t working properly or have been damaged, quickly finding a solution is necessary. Although it can sometimes be difficult to decide how to fix your windows, there are a few ways to assess your needs. This guide delves deeper into window replacement versus repair.

When to Repair Your Windows

Repairing your windows is appropriate when they sustain damage that is easy or inexpensive to fix. For example, it’s best to repair windows when the panes are cracked. This is a common cosmetic blemish that occurs as a result of rogue basketballs or tree branches that hit your windows in harsh weather conditions. If the damage isn’t too extensive, it can easily be fixed by a window repair technicians.

If your windows have leaks, it’s also best to repair them. Drafts that come through your windows are uncomfortable and can cause your HVAC system to run less efficiently. Luckily, sealing leaks with caulk or foam can protect your home from the elements. It will also help you better regulate the indoor temperature.

If you are unsatisfied with the way your windows look but they are still functional, completely replacing them may not be necessary. Cleaning, sanding, and painting the window frame can give it a much needed aesthetic update. New hardware such as sash locks can also update the appearance. 

When to Replace Your Windows

Window ReplacementWindow replacement should be completed if there is extensive damage that cannot be fixed for an affordable price.

For example, if the windows have extensive water damage, it’s best to replace them. Although windows are meant to keep moisture out of your home, leaking can occur when the exterior casing has been compromised. By the time you notice leakage, it is often too late to try to repair the issue. Additional problems such as rotting and mold are also more likely to occur as a result of the excess moisture.

Warping occurs when windows with wooden frames become distorted as a result of moisture or extreme temperature fluctuations. When exposed to these conditions, the wood expands and contracts, which permanently changes its appearance. Since there is no way to reverse warping once it has started, the best course of action would be window replacement.

Additionally, if you are moving into an older home, you may need to replace the windows. This is because it was common to use toxic lead paint in homes prior to 1978. Although it is important to check the entire home for lead paint, the action of opening and closing windows can especially disrupt hidden lead particles and release them into the air.


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