When you own a home, there is always a long list of items that could use a few updates. While many people skip over windows in favor of updating the carpet or paint, it’s important to remember that new windows can make your home more energy-efficient while boosting curb appeal. Here are three signs it’s time for window replacement

How to Tell You Need a Window Replacement

1. Air or Water Leaks

When windows aren’t installed properly, have been physically damaged, or the structure around the fixture warps, it can create drafts, allowing heated and cooled air to escape your home. As a result, your monthly heating and cooling costs can go up, and it can be tricky to keep your home a stable temperature.

Some issues with poorly fitting windows can even allow water to come into your home during rainstorms, prompting the growth of mold and mildew. If your windows don’t keep wind and water outdoors where it belongs, consider window replacement. 

2. Difficulty Opening or Closing

window replacementWhen a window’s track is damaged, it could become difficult to open or close the fixture. If your window relies on mechanical handles to prop open, physical damage could make it hard to use it.

If you have a difficult time opening, closing, or using windows, get an estimate for a full window replacement. Your new window will make the space user-friendly again, making the window easier to clean and to use for emergencies. 

3. Visible Damage to Frames

Whether the frame is old and partially rotten or the glass is cracked, the entire fixture should be replaced anytime there is visible damage to the frames. Check them carefully from the inside and outside of your home to look for soft wood, broken vinyl, damaged glass, or water accumulation.


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