After you’ve finally found your dream wedding dress, you need to ensure it fits perfectly for your big day. Even if the gown is the correct size, a few smart adjustments can make you look and feel even more amazing. At 6 Avenue Tailor in New York, NY, the experienced tailors offer wedding gown alterations that make every bride feel their best. To prepare you for your appointment, they share a few crucial considerations to keep in mind.

Wedding Gown Alterations 101

Schedule Your Fitting

To be safe, schedule your fitting as soon as possible—ideally, months before your wedding date. About four weeks before your wedding, schedule another appointment to ensure your alterations are perfect. You may also wish to schedule an additional fitting—about one to two weeks before the wedding—for any small, last minute changes. This timeline will help accommodate any minor weight fluctuations, as well as shifts in preference. 

wedding-gown-alterationSome Alterations Are Easier Than Others

Before you buy your dress, think about the difficulty of any alterations you want. For example, most dresses can be taken in easily, but it may be more challenging to let them out. As such, you’re better off going up a size instead of down one—just try to stay within a few numbers of your actual dress size.

More extensive tailoring is always possible, but doing so may alter the entire look of the dress. While a qualified tailor can work miracles on nearly any gown, you can save time and money by considering these details.

Consider Your Accessories

At your fitting, don’t just bring your gown. You should also bring the undergarments, shoes, and accessories you plan to wear on the big day. This will ensure the length of your dress is tailored to your height while wearing heels. And wearing your accessories will help paint a clearer picture of your overall look, so you can ensure any changes you make will work for the entire outfit. 

For high-quality wedding gown alterations, look no further than the professional team at 6 Avenue Tailor. To schedule a fitting with these Midtown tailors, call (212) 593-1925. For more information about their custom alterations, visit the website today.