Having an organized custom garage will maximize your storage space and prevent it from getting too cluttered, leaving more room for your vehicles. If you plan ahead and set aside some time each day, you can strategically reorganize your tools, recreational equipment, and garden supplies. Here's how to make the most of your garage storage.

How to Organize a Garage

1. Categorize and Group Items

Diving into a big organization project can feel overwhelming, especially in a space that gets as cluttered as a garage. You can make the process easier by grouping everything into categories and handling them one at a time. Practical categories include sports and recreational equipment, gardening supplies, tools, automotive supplies, and lawn care equipment.

2. Clean Regularly

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It is much easier to keep a space organized when it is clean and uncluttered. Go through your belongings annually to see what you can throw out, sell, or donate. Wipe dust and dirt from shelves, absorb oil and grease spills with kitty litter, and sweep up leaves and debris. Once the floor is clear, hose it down.

3. Make the Floor Off-Limits

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is leaving items on the garage floor, where they end up taking permanent residence. It is tempting to leave objects in an empty space, but the floor should be kept clear to maintain plenty of room for vehicles. This will prevent the formation of junk piles that are tedious and time-consuming to sort through.

4. Use a Variety of Storage Solutions

A custom garage allows you to create a unique organizational system that suits your needs. There are endless storage solutions that can be used to maximize the space in your garage. Take advantage of vertical storage with pegboards, wall cabinets, and shelving. Use plastic stackable bins to keep grouped items together. If you’re worried about young children or pets getting into hazardous lawn and automotive chemicals, keep them secured in a locked cabinet.

5. Consider Frequency of Use

When organizing a storage space, always consider how often you use each item. The more you need a certain tool or piece of equipment, the more easily accessible it should be. Keep whatever you need most on middle shelves and hooks. Holiday decor and out-of-season items can stay on top or bottom shelves and in the back of cabinets.


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