The condition of your driveway plays a big role in creating a favorable first impression of your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your driveway’s appearance, adding a stamped concrete border is an easy and efficient improvement that will do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. According to the professionals at The Gertz Company, Norwood, OH’s top concrete contractors, this type of border can be used to create a stunning outdoor landscape that will wow your neighbors.

Below, they share several key benefits of enhancing your driveway with a concrete border:

The Benefits of Adding a Stamped Concrete Border Around Your Driveway

Boost Property Value

Adding a decorative concrete border around your driveway creates a polished look that can add value to your home. Installing an attractive and stylish stamped concrete border around your existing driveway will make your home stand out – which can help draw potential buyers if you decide to put your home on the market.

Unlimited Design Choices

One of the most appealing things about stamped concrete is its versatility. With almost unlimited pattern and color options, it’s easy to create a concrete driveway border that complements your property and landscaping. The most popular choices are usually natural stone patterns that come in grays or earth tones, like slate and fieldstone. Red or russet-hued Brick and cobblestone patterns are also top picks and create a stately accent to your home’s driveway.

Easy to Maintain

Norwood-OH-Stamped-ConcreteAs one of the most durable building materials, concrete is an excellent choice for homeowners. Because it is completely waterproof and incredibly tough, concrete construction easily withstands harsh conditions – making it very long lasting. Stamped concrete borders also require less maintenance than other materials used in residential landscaping. Unlike paving stones, brick, or ceramic tiles, concrete doesn’t crack easily and doesn’t have any gaps or joints where pesky weeds can grow.   


If you’re concerned about sticking to a budget, you’ll be pleased to know that stamped concrete borders are a very economical choice. Not only does concrete often cost less than other conventional building materials, its longevity and durability mean that you’ll have to invest less in maintenance over time. Together, these factors make it an excellent choice to affordably add to your driveway’s appearance.

Add panache to your driveway with a stamped concrete border from the experienced professionals at The Gertz Company. Offering an extensive array of services, including driveway replacements, they’ve proudly helped homeowners throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region create exceptional concrete driveway designs. Visit their website for more information and to see a gallery of their work, or call (513) 218-8888 for a free estimate.