Your parking lot offers a convenient area for customers to reach your business easily. You should provide a smooth surface to boost your establishment's visual appeal and keep everyone safe. If you can currently see potholes across the asphalt, here are a few reasons why you should get those filled.

Why You Should Have Your Asphalt Parking Lot Repaired

1. Prevent Auto Damage

A smooth parking lot isn't just attractive; it also keeps vehicles safe. When a car drives over a pothole, it can be knocked out of alignment, puncture a tire, bend or crack a wheel, and damage the suspension's shocks or struts. Filling the holes will provide a smooth surface that allows cars to travel safely.

This not only protects your customers' vehicles; it also keeps your commercial fleet in good condition, saving you money on auto repairs. Scheduling asphalt repairs at least twice a year, particularly after summer and winter, will protect the surface from the elements and prevent potholes from worsening. 

2. Avoid Injuries


Potholes can be dangerous for pedestrians walking to your door. If customers aren't paying close attention to the pavement, they could easily trip on one of the holes and hurt themselves. This could put you at risk of a personal liability claim.

Keep your customers safe and avoid lawsuits by providing regular lot maintenance. In addition to routine sweeping, check for standing water, which indicates improper drainage. Professional repairs will ensure rain flows away instead of degrading the materials and creating holes. 

3. Maintain a Positive Customer Experience

A consumer will make their first impression of your store in the parking lot. If they notice a smooth, spotless surface, they're more likely to have a positive experience and want to come back. When using a shopping cart, a customer will have an enjoyable journey on flat asphalt free of imperfections. 

Ensure your customers enter and leave your business with a smile on their faces. Periodically inspect the lot for any small holes or cracks and have them filled before they have a chance to spread.


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