A high-quality metal building can last for many years, providing a safe area for your workshop, construction supplies, or vehicles. In addition to addressing minor damage as soon as it arises, keeping the exterior free of dirt, sap, grease, and other debris will extend the structure's life span. Here are some strategies for cleaning your barn so that it always looks beautiful and functions well. 

How Can You Clean a Metal Building Properly?

1. Use the Appropriate Cleaner

While there are many industrial-strength cleaning solutions on the market, you should understand the needs of your building to prevent damage. This depends on the type of metal that you are cleaning, as some solutions can corrode aluminum or steel, resulting in cracks and holes in the exterior. Alternatively, you can create a homemade solution that will remove most dirt and debris. To do this, mix 1 cup of ammonia with 5 gallons of water. This solution will remove grime without damaging the paint.

2. Apply the Solution

metal building

Whether you plan to use a store-bought or homemade solution, a pressure washer is the easiest, most efficient way to coat the metal building. If the structure is fairly small, a sponge mop is also a viable option, although this requires more effort to dislodge the dirt and debris. After you wash the entire building, rinse any lingering residue with plain water. 

3. Wash the Interior Walls

Unless you're using the building as a workshop, the interior walls probably won't accumulate as much grime as the exterior ones. However, you should still clean them regularly because exposure to dust and grease can stain, oxidize, and corrode the metal. Generally, you should clean the interior about half as often as the exterior. This means that every other time you use the pressure washer for the outside panels, use it on the inside walls as well. 


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