Many households require multiple staffers to keep everything running smoothly. From housekeepers to chauffeurs, it’s helpful to have specialized people handling each niche management area, and domestic couples offer an excellent way to get everything done. Here is some insight into these unique staffers and how they can help your family.

What Are Domestic Couples?

These couples provide domestic services to maintain a home and property while helping out with family duties. These duos are often indoor and outdoor specialists, such as a housekeeper and nanny or a handyman and lawn care providers. 

Some families want short-term services, like managing a home while the household adjusts to a newborn. Others prefer a long-term arrangement, often with the couple living on-site to be available at all times. Some work arrangements involve taking care of a home while the owners are away, while others are a part of the family, offering daily child care and cleaning.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Domestic Couple?


These duos often work together more smoothly than two strangers who take on roles in the home. They know how to communicate with one another and you to ensure every task is handled.

The housekeeper can wait until the landscaper has mowed the grass to clean the home to address any mess the household pets or kids bring in. These staffers can solve problems as they come up instead of waiting for the employer to provide direction.

The duo will solve issues amongst themselves without your assistance. They won’t complain about the other and expect you to provide arbitration to ensure each party is comfortable performing their job. If you offer live-in accommodations, you’ll only need to provide one room or apartment as these two can share.


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