Fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) are some of the primary waste products in a restaurant, and they carry unique risks. Not only is it a business's responsibility to prevent them from clogging the sewage system, but they must also have fire extinguishers to prevent grease fires from spreading. Below are a few tips to help your restaurant deal with grease and avoid clogs, fires, and municipal citations.

How to Deal With Restaurant Grease

1. Contain & Recycle

You likely have a grease trap to remove FOGs from your wastewater. However, you should keep grease out of the sink whenever possible. Pour used vegetable oil, lard, and shortening into separate, sealable containers for disposal to eliminate spillage. Throw containers of old lard and shortening into the trash and recycle vegetable oil. Many companies will take the oil off your hands for free so that they can recycle it into biodiesel fuel. This not only benefits you and your restaurant, but it also reduces the environmental impact of non-renewable fuels. 

2. Service the Grease Trap

Fire extinguishersA full grease trap cannot clear FOGs efficiently from your restaurant wastewater. This could lead to clogs and backups into your sinks, which is costly to clean and repair. It also presents an environmental hazard due to grease escaping into the sewer systems. Since many municipalities have regulations governing grease trap cleaning, failure to service yours properly could result in an expensive citation.

3. Clean Exhaust Filters

Failing to clean or replace exhaust filters can vent FOGs outside and onto the exterior walls or roof of your building. This creates a severe fire hazard, since you may not keep a fire extinguisher on the roof. Moreover, heavy rain can wash these substances into the storm sewer system. There, they can accumulate and block access, as well as contaminate the local groundwater.


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