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C. Kenneth Johnson Agency, LLC
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62 Chautauqua Ave, Lakewood, NY 14750

About C. Kenneth Johnson Agency, LLC

You can never anticipate being on the wrong end of an unfortunate situation like an auto accident or a burglary. Sure, you can swerve to avoid being hit or buy high-power security systems to alert you when someone is in your house when they shouldn’t be, but there’s nothing that gives you peace of mind quite like having reliable insurance. C. Kenneth Johnson Agency, LLC in Lakewood, NY, offers customers the chance to protect themselves from the unknown.

From homeowners insurance to auto insurance, the products offered by this insurance agency are geared toward protecting you in unfortunate situations. Along with homeowners and auto coverage, this insurance agency offers business and rental insurance, giving business owners and young renters protection when they need it most.

C.Kenneth Johnson Agency, LLC is ready to provide important protection that you can afford, saving you from costly repairs, fines, and injury. Call (716) 763-9410 to speak with an agent at the leading insurance agency in Chautauqua County.


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