With boating season over, you may have to put your boat in storage to protect it from the colder weather. Taking some steps to prepare the boat equipment will ensure the vessel is ready to hit the waters when the weather warms up. Here are a few ways to winterize your vehicle.

3 Steps to Take Before Placing Your Boat in Winter Storage

1. Prepare the Engine

First, ensure your boat is full of fuel to prevent moisture from collecting in the tank. Use fogging oil to protect the engine from rust. Add antifreeze to the fuel to protect the engine from cracking.

Be sure to buy products designed for boats, which typically include propylene glycol. Antifreeze for cars may cause damage.

2. Pay Attention to Water 

Any areas on your boat that provide or store water need winterizing. As water freezes, it expands and could cause burst pipes. To prevent this, drain the fixtures, pumps, and hoses, then use antifreeze. Use the same product you used for the fuel.

You also want to dry all boat surfaces with a soft cloth. For certain air conditioning sanitation systems, you may need to follow the recommendations of your boat’s manufacturer for winter preparation.

3. Cover It

boat equipmentEven in storage, your boat will need to be covered for the winter. Tarps may be helpful for preventing ice accumulation, but can fit loosely and blow off outdoors. For outdoor storage, fitted or custom covers are best for keeping out the elements.

Another option is to get your boat wrapped by a professional. Shrinkwrap offers a longer-lasting, tighter fit for boat equipment.


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