Although screenwriters, actors, and directors often receive the bulk of the credit for creating TV shows and movies, a wide team has a hand in film production. On a typical set, the crew includes hairstylists, makeup artists, and costumers. Below are three ways the hair, makeup, and wardrobe departments play an important role in film production.  

3 Ways Costuming, Makeup, & Hair Styling Are Used in Film Production

1. Costumes Help Create Characters

Millville-New-Jersey-film-productionThe wardrobe department helps transform the characters depicted in the script into authentic people the actors portray. When deciding what each character will wear, costumers consider the personality of the individual, how they will be represented in the film, geographical details, and additional factors. This way, they can build characters from the ground up to make them as real for the audience as possible. Clothing is also used to bring color, balance, and texture to each frame. 

2. Makeup Brings Realism to Characters & Actions

Whether playing a sci-fi hero or an average person, most actors are required to wear makeup on screen. Makeup helps even out skin tones for the camera and adds realism to what’s depicted on screen. In a horror movie, for example, the addition of cuts and bruises applied with makeup for action-packed scenes will make the narrative feel genuine for the viewer.

3. Hair Styling Aids Character Development & Time Frame Authenticity

Similar to wardrobe and makeup, the hairstyle each actor has in the film adds to the authenticity of their character. Hairstylists for film productions must make sure their choices are in line with the vision of the makeup artists, and vice versa. This ensures the entire look is cohesive. Because most eras and decades are marked by popular hairstyles, the hair technicians will also take the period of the film into account when deciding on looks. 


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