Some people have come into the vaping world having had enjoyed smoking menthol cigarettes in the past. For this reason, there are many different options available for vapers who enjoy the icy feel when they vape.


With traditional tobacco cigarettes menthol only came in different strengths, whereas in the vaping world there are different options for vape juice flavors with the type of cooling effect they can give.


Some will have a minty taste and a cool feel, some just add the cooling sensation without the flavor. Two of the main ingredients that add this delightful glacial feel to vape juices are Menthol and Koolada. Below is a comparison of the two so you can determine which suits your tastes best.


What is Menthol?


Menthol is a waxy crystalline organic compound that is found naturally in plants like peppermint and spearmint. When added to vape juice, menthol gives an icy feel as it activates the cold-sensing nerve receptors in the mouth and throat.


Menthol also adds more of a throat hit and a slight “burn” feel, it will also have the peppermint or spearmint taste to it depending on what type of plant the menthol was extracted from.


Top 3 Best Vape Juices with Menthol


Menthol Burst by VOLCANO


An intriguing vape juice evocative of a freshly unwrapped breath mint with a rich and strong menthol flavor, icy fresh from start to finish.




Luscious light and sweet exotic lychee fruits with an icy hint of menthol.


Berry-Brrrst by Burst E-liquid


A flavor explosion of juicy raspberries, strawberries and blueberries with a refreshing menthol exhale.


What is Koolada?


Koolada (menthyl methyl lactate) adds a cooling sensation to vape juices as it triggers the same cold receptor group as menthol but does not have the spearmint or peppermint taste of menthol.


Some people who create their own juice have said that sometimes they can taste a slight mint flavor in koolada and if they add too much to their juice it can have the same throat hit as using menthol.


Top 3 Best Vape Juices with Koolada

Juusu by Yami Vapor


A delightful blend of juicy peaches, crisp apples and sweet lychees with a slight cool finish.


Strawberry Limeade by Verdict Vapors


A delightful blend of ripened strawberries infused into a fresh glass of limeade with a light cooling exhale.


Ryu by Sugoi Vapor


An exceptional blend of succulent dragon fruit, sweet lychees and tart kiwi slices with a slight icy finish.


What is Best for You?


As they say, taste is subjective, and it really comes down to your own personal preferences for the type of cooling feel and taste that you enjoy in your vape juices. The main difference between Menthol and Koolada is that Menthol offers a stronger cooling sensation and throat hit but may also affect the taste of juices by adding a mint flavor. Koolada on the other hand offers a cooling sensation without the added mint flavor but may not be as strong as Menthol.


Some vapers prefer a mix of Menthol and Koolada as their ideal icy vape but depending on the mixture it may add a mint flavor to the vape juice it is added to.



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