There are many reasons why exercise drops in priority as one ages. Seniors may experience pain in their joints, a loss of flexibility, or feel they lack the energy to physically push themselves. However, there are many positive health benefits for seniors who do remain active. Assisted living facilities can help promote activity and keep an eye on any physical concerns seniors have. Here are three reasons to continue prioritizing exercise.

Why Seniors Should Stay Active

1. Promotes Physical Health

When seniors make the effort to remain active, their risk of chronic illness and injuries lessens dramatically. A little cardio and strength training will reinforce their bones, which reduces their risks of falling. Fighting against low bone density can also help prevent the risk of developing osteoporosis. 

A mix of light exercise will help improve muscle mass, which will keep their metabolism running smoothly and help burn calories to maintain a healthy weight. An exercised heart will also reduce blood pressure and prevent hypertension and stress on the heart.

A consistent exercise routine promotes deeper sleep to leave seniors refreshed and energized when they wake up in the morning.

2. Improves Mental Health

Seniors with an active lifestyle have been known to have an improved mental state. They are less susceptible to depression, anxiety, and stress due to a release of exercise-induced endorphins.

Furthermore, those that begin exercising in middle age show a 30% or more reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Keeping these efforts up as a senior can reduce brain shrinkage.

3. Helps Seniors Stay Social

Physical activity also leads to a higher amount of social activity. Seniors can relieve any stress they feel through exercise and the body will respond by producing endorphins that promote positivity and self-confidence. Those who stay active feel better about themselves and more comfortable entering into new relationships or keeping ongoing relationships up. Also, seniors can join an exercise group and stay motivated and encouraged together at their assisted living facility.


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