Though spring is finally here and the temperatures are rising, the Nebraska spring season still produces chilly evenings. If you prefer not to spend nights cooped up indoors, consider adding a fire pit to the outdoor living space. Investing in a fire pit offers an array of benefits, which you can learn more about below. 

Why Is It Beneficial to Install a Fire Pit?

1. Creates a Focal Point in the Backyard

A fire pit is an excellent way to spruce up your backyard’s appearance. It's a visually stunning structure. The right custom design and professional installation can create a show-stopping focal point for the outdoor living space. Because this hardscape feature produces fire, it can further improve your property’s ambiance at night. Instead of relying on patio lighting, you can enjoy the night air by firelight, roast marshmallows, and save on electricity. 


2. It's Useful Year-Round



If you want to change the scenery and spend time outdoors, nestling around the fire pit is the perfect opportunity to enjoy fresh air. The flames from the pit will provide ample warmth on chilly spring and summer evenings. 

However, you can also cozy up to the fire pit during the fall. Arrange seats around the edges of the fixture but make sure no blankets go near the open fire. Maintain a safe distance from the flames for the best experience. 

3. Creates a Welcoming Cooking Area

Patios make excellent places to relax with friends in the open air. You and your loved ones can gather around the fire pit and cook meals together. If the pit is small, place a grill grate over the top and cook hot dogs, corn on the cob, or burgers. Make sure to thoroughly clean the pit afterward to remove traces of grease and oil. 


For a beautiful and durable fire pit, contact Dreamscapes. Located in Lincoln, NE, and serving Lancaster County, this landscaping and hardscaping company has improved outdoor living spaces for more than 30 years. Their dedicated staff specializes in custom hardscape installations, such as stone walkways, garden walls, and fire pits. Call (402) 421-7496 to schedule an appointment or visit them online to learn more about their services.