Creating an outdoor kitchen will make your yard more suitable for entertaining. In the Lincoln, NE, area, homeowners have turned to the imaginative minds at Dreamscapes to help transform basic structures into functional, safe cooking areas. For a better idea of the scope of the team’s creativity, and how they will use their 30 years of experience to design and build your outdoor living space, below are details about a recent project. 

How Dreamscapes Turned a Grain Bin Into an Outdoor Kitchen

All you need is a vision and the professionals at Dreamscapes will do the rest. This was the case when they were tasked with turning a client’s used grain bin into a world-class outdoor kitchen. The team removed a large portion of the massive container to create an opening. After, they installed a full kitchen inside the hollow, massive structure. They worked closely with the client to ensure the space contained all the features they’d need for open-air cooking, including a barbecue grill and granite countertops to serve as workstations. 

Lincoln-Nebraska-outdoor-kitchensFor your project, they can outfit the outdoor kitchen with a cooking source, as well as stainless steel storage areas, which are resistant to corrosion when exposed to the elements. So you don’t have to go back inside the house, they will also place refrigeration equipment in the outdoor living space to chill beverages and prevent perishable food from spoiling. In addition to granite counters, they can install marble and concrete surfaces for food preparation.

Let Dreamscapes Create Your Outdoor Oasis

To increase the value of your property, contact Dreamscapes to create your outdoor kitchen. They will work with you to design a functional and flowing layout and provide tips on how to maintain the new addition. Beyond kitchens, they can install fire pits, retaining walls, and additional hardscape features to make your yard more comfortable for family and visitors. To schedule a consultation with the Lincoln-based team, call (402) 421-7496. For project ideas, visit the team’s website and Facebook page to see photos of completed work.