While no one wants to get into a car accident, minor incidents are relatively common. You might wind up with a fender bender but feel fine afterward. However, there's a chance that symptoms will develop as time passes. Whiplash is a common injury sustained in collisions without being immediately noticed. Your path to physical and financial healing starts with self-education, a medical examination, and the right legal counsel. 

What to Know About Whiplash 

What is it? 

The force of a car accident may cause the neck to bend back and forth violently. This can impact your nerves, tendons, muscles, and discs. Though this injury can occur in many different types of accidents, rear-end collisions are common culprits.  

Why can it take time to manifest? 

Symptoms of whiplash include neck pain and stiffness, dizziness, headache, and difficulty focusing. Sometimes, they do not appear until hours or days after an accident because swelling at the injury site takes time to develop. In other cases, adrenaline might stop you from realizing you're in pain.

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What happens if it’s not treated? 

Chronic pain and soreness can occur if whiplash goes untreated. More serious issues are also possible, including degenerative disc disease. This condition is characterized by numbness, pain, and weakness spurred by deteriorating discs between the spinal column’s vertebrae. 

A medical examination can help you spot and treat whiplash quickly. An attorney can also use this documentation in court as an official record of your injuries. If you delay seeing a doctor, the opposition might argue that you sustained the whiplash during a different activity.

How can an attorney help? 

During the healing process, you don't want to compound the stress by worrying about finances. An attorney will gather evidence of your personal injury claim on your behalf and fight for your right to damages if another party's negligence caused the injuries. They may be able to get you compensation for the associated medical bills and your lost wages.


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