A water heater ensures there's enough warm water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. When water starts to leak from the unit, it can damage surrounding surfaces and disrupt your routine. Fortunately, plumbers correct many issues through simple water heater repairs. To prepare you for a service appointment, here's more information about how professionals address different malfunctions.

What Parts Need Repairs When There's a Water Heater Leak?

1. Drain Valve

This valve is crucial for water heater maintenance. Homeowners or technicians should periodically drain and flush it to prevent sediment buildup and keep the system efficient.

Without routine cleaning, accumulated sediment can compromise the valve's seal. When this happens, the valve can get stuck after opening. To address this issue, a plumber might either repair the faulty seal or replace the valve altogether. To replace it, they’ll first need to shut off the hot water and drain the tank.

water heater repairs

2. Supply Lines

Water heaters have two major connections: a cold water inlet and a hot water outlet. These areas use either rigid pipes or flexible supply tubes. 

Flexible tubes deteriorate over time, requiring replacement. If you experience a leak, a plumber will remove any insulation from the tubes, inspect them for damage, and replace them if necessary. Alternatively, they might need to tighten or reconnect pipe joints.

3. Tank

Without regular maintenance, sediment also accumulates in the tank, causing corrosion. Eventually, the weakened tank may rupture and result in a serious leak.

If this is the issue, water may pool around the tank or even spread throughout the room where the unit is installed. Rusted tanks can't be restored through water heater repairs, so a professional will need to replace the whole equipment.


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