Ductless AC units are popular because of their efficiency and performance, providing treated air directly to your living spaces. However, like other HVAC systems, they're prone to leaks from time to time. If your equipment has suddenly started leaking, professional air conditioning repair may be necessary to address the underlying issue. Here are a few possible reasons why your unit is dripping water.

What Causes Leaks in Ductless AC Units?

1. Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter is the simplest explanation for a leaking ductless unit. Over time, the filter loses its effectiveness as it accumulates dust and debris. These materials may potentially reach the coils inside the unit and disrupt airflow, causing the coils to freeze as the cooled air remains in place.

When the temperature rises, the coils thaw, and water drips out of the unit. If you don't address the issue by replacing the filter, you'll end up with large puddles beneath the equipment. Mold is a potential issue as well if the water seeps into carpets or onto walls. Check your filters every month to ensure they're not clogged with dirt and debris, and switch them out whenever necessary. 

2. Rusted or Damaged Drain Pan

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Your ductless AC draws in warm air from your home to start the cooling process. The drain pan captures moisture from this hot air as the cycle begins.

If the pan is cracked, rusted, or damaged, it may not adequately hold water, causing it to drip onto the floor. An air conditioning repair professional can replace or repair the pan to stop the leak. 

3. Clogged Line 

Condensate lines transport water from the unit into the drain pan. Over time, debris builds up in the lines and blocks the flow of water. Since the water can't flow through, it leaks out of the drain pan and ends up outside of the unit. 

The excess moisture can damage the air conditioner and cause an inconvenient mess. Thankfully, an AC technician will ensure that your condensate lines are working properly so that you don't have leaks. 


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