It’s the height of summer, and you are using your AC all the time. While it may seem like it’s fully operational, there are some signs to look for that indicate it is time for air conditioning repairs.

The Indications for Air Conditioning Repairs

1. Poor Airflow

If your AC has poor or intermittent airflow, it’s a sign that there may be a blockage in the ducts or that the compressor is experiencing problems with air exchange or circulation. Although this could be an easy fix, diagnosing the problem is trickier, but should be addressed right away as the system will be working harder to compensate for the problem.

2. Blowing Warm Air

Blowing warm air instead of cool indicates that the system is low on refrigerant or that there is an issue with the compressor. A return duct may be broken or pulling air from outside or a warm interior space, such as the attic. Check the thermostat that it is on the correct setting and responding to changed inputs. If it isn’t, the thermostat could be the culprit.

3. Leaks

air-conditioning-repairThere should not be water underneath the air conditioner. If you notice drips or water pooling under the unit, it’s a sign that the condensation tube is disconnected or broken and unable to carry away water created by the AC. Leaks or ice forming inside the system may indicate a broken or cracked drip pan or a refrigerant leak. Any leak may require air conditioning repair services, especially if the refrigerant, which is poisonous, is leaking.

4. Bad Odor

The AC should operate without any smell. If you notice a bad odor coming from the unit, it’s a sign that there may be mold or mildew growing inside the ducts. If you smell a burned electrical smell, wiring within the unit may have burned out. Either is an issue that needs to be dealt with right away, as mold can create health issues such as headaches and congestion, and burned out wiring is a fire hazard and can cause more damage inside the system.

5. Noises

There shouldn’t be strange or loud noises coming from the air conditioner. Rattling, squeaking, or grinding indicate a loose part or a broken or loose belt. Don’t ignore a noisy A/C, as the problem won’t go away on its own and may cause more issues inside the system as other parts are impacted or fail.


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