A sump pump controls moisture in areas that are prone to flooding or have a high water table. It is typically housed in the basement of a home and may be prone to freezing in winter if located in uninsulated areas. Here’s more about winterizing and when you might need sump pump repair this season.

A Guide to Sump Pump Repair & Winterizing

1. Keep It Warm

To prevent the components of the sump pump from freezing, keep the temperature in the room where it is located at around 50 degrees to 55 degrees. Check for ice forming around the discharge hose or within the sump pump pit—if you see this, turn up the thermostat or place a space heater nearby.

2. Insulate the Discharge Line

The discharge line funnels water away from the house. If it freezes, the pump won't function properly and can result in a basement full of water. The discharge hose should be buried in the ground below the frost line or insulated with heating tape, foam insulation, or electric heat cables. Freezing can cause the hose to crack or break, which necessitates professional sump pump repair to make the unit operational again.

3. Reduce the Workload

sump pump repairCheck the drainage area of the pump. If water moves too slowly or backs up into the discharge line, it can cause the pump to work overtime. It may help to change to a larger, longer hose and relocate it to an area that slopes away from the home to utilize gravity. If the pump has to work hard or continually cycle to move the water, it can stress or burn out the motor. Ensure the pump isn’t cycling too frequently to cause it to overwork, but not so infrequently that water has the chance to freeze within the lines.


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