Many families have to call for electricity or plumbing repairs because of their children. Parents and guardians can take some steps to childproof their homes to promote safety and prevent costly fixes. Here is some advice on how to keep your little ones away from potentially dangerous household hazards.

How to Childproof Your Home

1. Install Baby Gates

Even if you try to watch a child every moment, at some point, they may sneak away and wander the home unsupervised. Prevent them from entering potentially dangerous areas by installing baby gates. Place one at the top and bottom of the stairs to avoid injury.

2. Lock the Heating & Cooling Closet

Many homes feature an HVAC closet where their furnace, air conditioner, and water heater are located. These areas contain gas, electricity, and even open flame pilot lights that can harm a curious little one. Use a doorknob with a lock and key to keep kids out.

3. Cover Electrical Outlets

plumbing repairsChildren learn by touching the world around them. Since they have tiny fingers, toddlers may stick them into an outlet and experience an electric shock. Avoid this issue by installing outlet covers on any unused outlets.

4. Close Doors

Since children are small, they are more susceptible to drowning even in shallow water. Ensure your tot doesn’t have access to the toilet, bathtub, or sink by keeping the bathroom door closed. If they can reach and turn the handle, install a toilet lock to prevent them from adding objects to the bowl and trying to flush it. Clogs from inorganic objects are common causes of kid-related plumbing repairs.

5. Use Bumpers

If a child falls into the corner of a windowsill or coffee table, they may get a bruise, cut, or concussion. Safeguard against these injuries by installing edge and corner bumpers. These rubbery add-ons will soften the blow if your child comes into contact with them.

 6. Set the Water Heater to Prevent Burns

Children have sensitive skin, so protect them from exposure to too-hot water by setting the water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. This will mitigate the risk of burns and prevent plumbing repairs from hot water that wears away at plastic or PVC pipe joints. Plus, your utility bills will lower since the heater doesn’t need as much energy.


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