Life as a homeowner can be exceptionally busy, especially if you have a larger home, a thriving yard, and other family members to take care of. However, when it comes to tasks you should never overlook, HVAC maintenance is critical. Here are three reasons to schedule regular tuneups with an HVAC contractor.

Why Schedule HVAC Maintenance?

1. Lower Energy Costs

Over time, the dust in the air inside your home gets sucked into the return vents and distributed through the system. As a result, the interior of the air ducts and the air handler become coated with dust, grime, and fine debris, making the system run less efficiently.

For instance, if the cooling coils are coated in dust and grime, your air conditioner may not be capable of pulling as much heat out of your indoor air. This means you may be faced with running the AC more often, increasing your energy expenses.

2. Improve Comfort

HVAC contractorDuring normal maintenance, an HVAC contractor checks the system for issues. For example, fan blades might not spin properly, or cooling coils might have bent fins. The technician might replace the damaged components or clean certain areas to prevent problems. These simple steps help to keep your AC running efficiently, making your home more comfortable.

3. Prevent Emergencies

Few everyday experiences are worse than walking into a hot, muggy home when it’s scalding outside. Fortunately, by having your HVAC system regularly inspected and repaired, you can prevent sudden emergencies, helping you to maintain a comfortable and efficient space.


When you start having problems with your HVAC system, contact Oehl Plumbing, Heating, Electric, & Air Conditioning in North Liberty, Coralville, and Iowa City, IA. Since these HVAC contractors founded the company over 70 years ago, they have been committed to helping homeowners and business owners with everything from routine preventative inspections to ongoing HVAC maintenance and full system replacements. To learn more about how they can assist you, visit their website or call (319) 339-9490.