If your home isn’t wired properly, you may have experienced outages from using too much power at once. That’s why it’s essential to hire a residential electrician to install a dedicated circuit in your electrical wiring. Here is a basic guide to dedicated circuits and which appliances would benefit from one.

What Is a Dedicated Circuit?

A dedicated circuit is an electrical wiring system that’s intended to be used with only one appliance. The device ensures that a circuit doesn’t become overloaded with too much power. If a power overload does occur, then the circuit may trip and shut off the power. A dedicated circuit can prevent you from overheating your wiring and possibly causing an electrical fire.

Which Appliances Need a Dedicated Circuit?

residential electrician-Coralville, IAIt’s essential to have a residential electrician install a dedicated circuit for appliances that draw a lot of power regularly and appliances that pull a sudden and heavy draw of electricity.

Big appliances, like refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, dryers, and dishwashers, call for a dedicated circuit because they use too much electricity to share a circuit. Some water pumps, garbage disposals, and hot tubs may also require dedicated circuits.

Appliances that use a lot of electricity suddenly, like toasters, hairdryers, and window air conditioners, require a dedicated circuit to ensure they have sufficient amperage to operate properly and safely.

If you’re unsure if an appliance needs a dedicated circuit, you can always have a residential electrician test your outlets and devices to make sure they have the proper circuit.


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