A sump pump protects your basement from flooding by collecting excess water in a basin and pumping it safely away to a dry well or storm drain. Like any mechanical device, it can malfunction and require sump pump repair. To help you keep a dry and safe home, use these tips to prevent a few common problems.

What Problems Can Sump Pumps Experience? 

1. Clogged Discharge Pipes

The discharge pipe carries water away from your home. However, when it is clogged, water backs up the system and pools in the basement.

Many pipes are protected with grates that block debris. Remove the pump from the pit and wipe the bottom grates each month to keep the unit clear.

2. Power Outages

sump pump repairStorms sometimes cause power outages that turn off the electricity that supplies a sump pump.

To prevent this from becoming a problem, speak to your contractor about installing a standby generator that activates during an outage. Some pumps also have backup battery options.

3. Improper Running

If your sump pump runs unnecessarily, it might have a stuck switch. This occurs when debris get caught on the switch, keeping it on. Vibrations from pumping can push particles against the switch, disabling it. Cleaning the pit each month should prevent these issues.

Another explanation is that your sump pit is too small, filling up quickly. A small pit causes the pump to overwork, requiring eventual sump pump repairs. When cleaning doesn’t resolve the problem, schedule an inspection to prevent the device from burning out.



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