The circuit breaker is a vital piece of safety equipment for an electrical system. It shuts off the flow of electricity when it detects an unusual power spike that could indicate a dangerous problem with your equipment. It’s normal for circuits to trip occasionally due to power fluctuations and changes in use, but you might need an electrical contractor if the problem recurs. Here are a few issues that professionals might find if you experience this issue frequently.

Why Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

1. Short Circuit

Some of the wires in your electrical system are “hot” or active, carrying power to where it’s needed, while others are neutral and carry currents back to the source in a loop.

A short circuit occurs when a hot wire touches a neutral one, sending a large amount of energy back into the equipment. This problem generates a lot of heat and is a fire hazard. To address the issue, an electrical contractor will locate the crossed wire and insulate it from others.

2. Circuit Overload

Overloading happens when there are too many appliances connected to the same circuit, or when demand otherwise exceeds the capability of the circuit. Drawing excessive amounts of power can damage a circuit, so the breaker trips to protect the system.

electrical contractorsYou can sometimes solve this issue yourself by moving appliances to a different room where they’ll be on another circuit and limiting the number of plugs hooked to any one outlet through power strips. If you need more outlets in a room, an electrical contractor will upgrade your house’s wiring to accommodate them.

3. Ground Fault Surge

Your electrical system has multiple “ground wires,” which provide a safe place for electricity to discharge and dispel itself if it escapes the system.

If a steady current starts flowing through a ground wire or another grounded component, it drains the power source and shuts off the circuit. An electrical contractor will locate the components that are incorrectly connected or damaged and repair them.


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