Even a slow plumbing leak can cause massive water damage, ruining your insulation and promoting mold growth inside your home. Unfortunately, a leak hidden in your wall can be difficult to detect before it starts staining paint and rotting your floorboards. Below are a few signs you may need emergency plumbing repairs so you can keep your home in excellent condition.

What Are the Signs of a Pipe Leak In Your Wall?

1. Sudden Water Bill Spikes

While water leaks can result in extensive damage, your utility bills may be the first sign of trouble. If your water bills have gone up suddenly but your household usage hasn’t changed, have a plumber inspect the system for leaks.

2. Musty Smells

Before stains start appearing on your walls, you may be able to smell the signs of water damage. Plumbing leaks create the ideal conditions for mold infestations, which give off a musty or dusty odor.

People with allergies to mold spores can also experience sneezing, coughing, and wheezing. Constant musty odors in a certain part of the house or chronic health issues may be signs of a water leak.

3. Spinning Water Meter

plumbing repairsYour water meter can also provide evidence of a hidden leak. Start by shutting off all the taps and appliances in your home, then check the water meter, which is usually underneath a cover near the street. If the numbers keep moving even though you’re not using any water, you likely need plumbing repairs somewhere in the system.

4. Small Water Stains

Over time, plumbing leaks inside the walls will start to affect the surface. If the leak is on the second floor, you may notice stains in the corners of rooms below or streaking down the wall. Water stains may be small discolorations at first, but can quickly grow more severe and noticeable.


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