Springtime in Ohio can see temperature fluctuations, with nights often remaining cool until the summer and days sometimes reaching the 70s or 80s. You may find yourself needing to turn your AC unit on, or continue running your heat at night. Here are some ways you can conserve energy through these extremes.

Energy Conservation Tips for Springtime

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while optimizing your energy use. For example, you might choose to keep your heating or AC unit off during weekdays if your family is at school or work. You can set the thermostat to turn on just before you return home so the house is comfortable, but no energy was used during the day.  

2. Clean Your Unit’s Components

AC unit

Your heating and AC unit will run most efficiently when its components are clean. When they become clogged with dirt, dander, or other particles, they can get caught in the system, forcing it to work harder. Most homeowners can clean or replace their system’s filter on their own. This should be done seasonally, or once a month if you have pets or family members with allergies.

You’ll also want to clean the coils of your outdoor condenser using a microfiber rag when the system is shut off. Keep any surrounding foliage trimmed back to prevent debris from entering the unit. 

3. Keep Your Home Well-Insulated

Insulation is your home’s best line of defense for keeping climate-controlled air inside and preventing outdoor air from getting in. According to the Department of Energy, homeowners can boost their houses’ insulation by caulking any seams along exterior walls, such as the areas around doors and windows. Having fibrous or cellulose insulation installed in exterior walls, attics, and crawl spaces can also help to prevent air transfer.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a programmable thermostat or your AC unit is no longer efficient, Bear Heating & Cooling has your needs covered. This trusted HVAC contractor has been serving the Girard, OH, community for more than 36 years. To schedule a service, send their team a message online or call (330) 545-0743.