As a homeowner, the efficiency of your heating and cooling system is important to the comfort of you and your family. As colder weather looms ahead, a heat pump is an effective way to keep indoor temperatures warm, but maybe you’re hesitant to invest in one due to misinformation you’ve heard. The following are a few common myths about these HVAC units.

Common Misconceptions Surrounding Heat Pumps

1. They Don’t Efficiently Heat In Very Cold Weather

It’s commonly believed that heat pumps are only effective in locations that experience mild winters, but they can function just as well in colder climates. Underground pumps are especially efficient because temperatures within the ground stay mostly consistent throughout the year despite changing weather, allowing for the unit to easily transfer heat from these areas into your home. There are also newer models that work sufficiently in below zero degree temperatures.   

2. Heat Pumps Are Loud

New models aren’t as noisy as their older counterparts. Technological advances in heating and cooling systems have made it possible for modern pumps to operate quietly. In most cases, you can’t hear when they’re turned on. If you want to make sure yours is as noiseless as possible, purchase one with a decibel range of around 55.

3. They Are Too Big

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Whether you choose an underground or air source heat pump, the majority of parts are hidden from view once installed. For underground units, most components are concealed below the surface. Air source devices come with an outdoor unit that’s about the same size as an AC compressor, and the indoor unit is conveniently mounted on the wall or ceiling.

4. They’re Only Good for Heating

An added benefit of a heat pump is that it not only warms your home during the chilly seasons, but it can also cool it when temperatures go back up. That’s because it’s equipped with a reversing valve that can be switched to move heat either into or out of your living space. In the long run, the unit could be a worthwhile investment to meet both your heating and cooling needs. 

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