If you need to replace the thermostat or the heating and cooling system, the Armstrong Air® System is a smart choice. The Comfort Sync™ A3 Thermostat offers several features that simplify your life. Here are the main advantages of this high-tech temperature control device.

3 Top Features of the Comfort Sync Thermostat

1. Control By Apps

The Comfort Sync thermostat offers control of the heating and cooling system through an innovative app that works with your iOS or Android tablet, smartphone, or laptop once you download the app. Then, wherever you are, you can monitor, raise, or lower the temperature in your home and have it just right when you arrive.

2. Away Sync™ & Schedule Sync™

thermostatWith Away Sync, you can use an iOS or Android phone to let the thermostat maximize energy efficiency in your home. Using your phone’s GPS, the app senses when you leave home, then resets the temperature to an energy-saving setting. The app detects when you are returning home and restores the temperature to the normal setting.

Schedule Sync lets you program the thermostat once and forget it. If you change your schedule, the thermostat changes the heating and cooling levels for you.

3. Voice & Touchscreen Options

If you prefer using voice commands to set your temperature, the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with the Comfort Sync thermostat. For touch control convenience, the device offers a high-definition screen that is clear and bright, with easy-to-read icons. You can choose functions from simple menus that take the mystery out of complex operations.


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