When winter arrives, many homeowners rely on furnaces to maintain interior comfort. Inefficiencies force equipment to work harder, which causes heating costs to rise. That is why the end of fall is the ideal time to get the equipment ready to meet the demands of heating your home. 

How to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

1. Replace the Air Filter


The furnace and central AC system share an air filter. The screen traps dust, dirt, and additional particles to clean the air that enters the return vent. The screen becomes clogged with grime during the cooling season. When you turn on the furnace, a clogged filter can reduce air flow. This can damage the blower and cause the equipment to overheat. Change the filter before winter to prevent airflow problems and improve air quality. 

2. Remove Clutter

Home furnaces are commonly installed in basements, garages, and utility rooms. If you also use the room for storage, move boxes, flammable items, and additional belongings away from the furnace. This way, the objects won't be exposed to extreme heat, which reduces the risk of a fire. Additionally, make sure that fabrics such as blankets or laundry aren't stored near the furnace throughout the winter as well. 

3. Inspect Air Ducts

The condition of ductwork can be to blame for high heating bills during winter. Gaps and cracks in the fixtures cause air to leak into the voids of your home. As a result, the furnace works harder to compensate for the loss as it attempts to maintain a cozy indoor temperature. This causes energy bills to rise dramatically during the season. 

Have a professional inspect the ducts for damage. They can replace old, sagging ducts and wrap duct joints and seams in foil-covered insulation to prevent air leaks.


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