Scams have become increasingly prevalent in the digital age, and consumers of all ages must be diligent to avoid swindlers who try to get their hands on people’s personal data. Recently, there has also been an increasing number of scams which target seniors. While we often think of senior care as a means of overseeing the elderly’s health care needs, it also includes caring for their financial well-being. Here are three of the most common scams that target older adults.

3 Scams Targeting Seniors

1. Health Insurance Scams

For many individuals, Medicare benefits are essential to ensure their senior care needs are met. However, there is often confusion around the best program that fits each individual’s unique needs. Many scammers take advantage of this situation by advertising fake insurance programs or posing as “navigators” who help elderly people shop the health insurance market. In addition to helping your parents make any health insurance decisions, you can also encourage them to check with the Department of Health and Human Services before signing up for any new plan.

2. Phishing Emails

senior careEven for some of the savviest older internet users, email phishing scams can dupe individuals into giving away personal or banking information. Remind older family members to never give private data away online. If they like to shop online, bookmark their favorite pages and teach them how to navigate to them, so you’ll know they’re always visiting the right sites.

3. Telephone Fraudsters

Robocalls and telephone fraudsters have come a long way in recent years. Many now pose as government officials, service providers, and even fake friends or family members. These are typically phishing scams which are used to get personal information from older adults. Encourage your elderly parents or other family members not to give any personal information out to anyone who calls them.



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