No matter how much a company does business online, it's no secret that they're still going to need printers. They're essential for everything from administrative paperwork to simple memos. However, the number and location can differ. A poorly placed machine can negatively affect productivity. To help make aspects easier and better optimized for your offices, take note of the following.



The correct number of printers depends on the number of employees and how often the machines will be used. There's no specific rule of thumb. The easiest way to get started is to examine the number of your employees, the type of print work, the amount of paperwork, and whether it can easily manage delays. 

So, if only a few employees have a reason to print, you don't need as many. However, if everyone needs to use it at some point in the day for a variety of paperwork, then you'll need a few more scattered throughout the office.


As for where to put the printers, they should be closest to the employees who will use them the most. That being said, they should also be in quiet areas that don't receive as much foot traffic. Ideally, they should be in rooms that are specifically dedicated to a printer. 

This will minimize the likelihood of it getting damaged by passersby. They should also be away from windows or anywhere else where humidity can be an issue. Moisture can ruin both the hardware and any paperwork that gets printed. 


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