Your printer is a key office equipment component that's essential for producing hard copies of important documentation. Like any other mechanical equipment, it requires upkeep and, at times, repairs. Identifying that an issue exists is the first step to getting it repaired. Below are three signs to look out for.

3 Signals Something Is Wrong With Your Printer

1. Paper Jams

Paper jams can happen from time to time if the printer is loaded with too much paper, has the wrong sized parchment, or has paper shifting when being pulled through the system. However, if your printer is jammed almost every time you are printing, it's likely there's a larger issue.

The problem could be with the printer's roller, for example, which transfers paper from the tray through the printing error. The roller could be damaged and misshapen or misaligned. A technician can replace a roller if it's broken or calibrate it to get a better result.

2. Printing Artifacts

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Your printer needs calibration or repairs if you're consistently getting bad prints with blots of ink, overlapping lines, or blurriness. These can point to hardware issues with this piece of office equipment, such as a problem with the roller or where ink is dispensed. A technician can replace either of these parts or might need to update the software settings on your machine.

3. Unexpected Noise

There are many moving parts in this office equipment to take your paper from the tray, through the system, to the output tray, as well as to move the printing element back and forth. If your printer is making new sounds such as squeaking, grinding, or banging noises, it's time to get it inspected. 

Squeaking may result from too much friction on your roller, and crinkling noises likely mean a jam is occurring. While not every sound leads to a specific diagnosis, they can point to an overall issue. A technician will listen for these unexpected sounds as well as open and investigate the printer’s components.


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