Winter has firmly settled in, and staying warm is a must. If you’re waiting for furnace repairs — or if you simply want to save on heating costs — follow these tips for staying warm without relying on your home’s heating.

Tips for Keeping Warm Without Cranking Up the Heat

1. Layer Up

Dressing in comfy layers is an effective way to stay warm while waiting for furnace repair or keeping the thermostat low. Choose wool and insulating fibers like polypropylene fleece if possible, and be sure to wear warm socks or slippers, especially if you have uncarpeted floors. Wearing a hat indoors also helps save body heat and can help you warm up quickly.

2. Maximize Heat Sources

furnace-repairIf you’re baking or simmering soup on the stove this winter, use the stove and oven to warm your kitchen. Be sure to open the oven door when you finish baking to let the heat escape into the room. Hot showers in the morning create warm, humid air that can be dispersed to nearby rooms. Use electric space heaters to heat the rooms that you are actually using, and if you have ceiling fans, change their spin direction to clockwise to help disperse heat, rather than create drafts.

3. Use Heating Pads

Microwavable pouches, electric heating pads, and blankets all provide effective ways to keep toasty without turning up the heat.  This is a good strategy for nighttime when you want to be warm in bed but don’t want to keep the whole house temperature high. 

4. Eat Warming Foods

Warm foods and beverages, such as soups, stews, and items made with spices like ginger and cinnamon, can help you feel toasty inside. Sip on ginger tea, or nosh on a spicy, hot bowl of chili. Avoid ice water, ice cream, or other cold foods that may lower your internal body temperature.



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