If you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your home comfortably cool or toasty warm, consider working with an HVAC contractor to install a heat pump. These devices are designed to deliver reliable and energy-efficient temperature control without the need for additional ductwork installation. Learn more about heat pumps with these answers to a few commonly asked questions.

What You Should Know About Heat Pumps

What is a heat pump?

These appliances have indoor and outdoor components that work together to distribute cool or hot air throughout the home. Instead of burning fuel or using electricity to generate their own heat, pumps absorb heat energy from the outside air and transfer it inside. To cool instead of heat, the process can be reversed, making these appliances unique in that they provide both heating and cooling.

How does it work?

Heat pumps are designed to use coolant similar to the way air conditioners do. The difference is that for pumps, the coolant captures heat from outside and releases it inside, only using electricity to pump coolant and blow treated air throughout the space. Other systems require more energy to create the same cooling or heating effect. The air transfer cycle repeats to maintain comfortable interior temperatures.

What size will I need?

HVAC contractorThe proper heat pump size will be determined by the Manual J load calculation. An HVAC contractor uses this formula to look at features such as your home’s square footage and wall locations to calculate the required cooling and heating capacity. Since heating and cooling capacity is measured in tons, appliances rated for higher tonnage are needed for larger homes. Small residences can generally rely on smaller heat pumps. 

What are the overall benefits of heat pumps?

The main advantage of installing a heat pump is lower utility bills. Most heat pumps only have two fans that are powered by electricity. This configuration, plus the use of existing heat energy from outside to regulate the home’s temperature, means less reliance on around-the-clock heating and cooling systems. Work with an HVAC contractor to pair your heat pump with an electric, gas, or oil-based heating system for maximum comfort and savings.


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