Restaurants, supermarkets, and other businesses rely on commercial refrigeration systems to keep perishable products at a safe temperature. Like any other appliance, however, these systems are prone to various maintenance and repair problems. Here are some of the most common issues you might encounter at your facility.

What Are Some Commercial Refrigeration Problems?

1. Inadequate Temperature Control

There are several potential culprits behind a refrigeration system that doesn’t maintain the desired temperature setting. Sometimes, the cause is a relatively minor issue, such as dirty fans or a dirty condenser and evaporator coils. You might even just need to double check your temperature settings. However, temperature control mishaps can also be connected to more complex issues, like refrigerant leaks or a malfunctioning compressor. Keeping up with general maintenance will help prevent these more serious issues.

2. Ice Buildup

commercial refrigerationIce buildup inside the unit can reduce your available space and even compromise stored food. This is a fairly common issue, as warm air that enters the refrigerator will condense and turn to ice when it is trapped inside. However, faulty door gaskets, inadequate ventilation, or simply keeping the door open for too long can let in too much outside air, accelerating this buildup. Excessive ice buildup could also be the result of a malfunctioning evaporator fan.

3. Unusual Sounds

A commercial refrigeration unit has several components that can produce noise during operation, such as motors, fans, and compressors. While modern systems aren’t always the quietest, you should remain alert for loud or unexpected noises. These are often early warning signs of a failing or misaligned part. Early repairs or replacement will keep the damage from spreading and protect your unit’s contents.


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