Golf is a game enjoyed by people of any age, but the sport is one of the best ways seniors can stay in shape. The game provides an array of benefits both physically and mentally. Below are the top reasons why hitting the golf course once you’ve retired is a good idea.

Why Golf Is a Good Sport for Seniors

1. Health Boost

Walking 18 holes regularly offers a great cardio workout, especially traversing the different terrains of the green. All those steps add up to miles, which gives your heart a great workout every time you play. It also burns calories and improves muscle tone and endurance, which helps seniors stay in good shape as they age. Your upper body gets a workout when you swing, especially your core and back, which engage with every stroke. This full-body workout is an excellent alternative to a traditional gym, which can be inaccessible or intimidating for elderly gym-goers.

2. Low Stress

Golf is a low-stress workout, and players can work to their physical levels. Walking from hole to hole is not high impact, and even putting and swinging can be performed leisurely. Relieving stress can happen just by being outside, as Vitamin D is essential in combatting depressing and anxiety. As people get older, they spend less time outside, and our body can only produce Vitamin D when we have exposure to the sun. It is also a non-contact sport, so there are fewer chances of injury or falls. They can golf without the inherent risk of basketball, racquetball, or other contact sports.

3. Mental Workout

golfGolf gives your brain a workout as well. Players must consider which club to select for each hole, how hard to swing, and from which direction to approach. Quick calculations that include distance, speed, and even the slope of the terrain must all be taken into account for a successful turn. Strategizing like this keeps minds sharp, which improves mental awareness. Regularly golfing has been linked to improvements in patients who have Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease, by helping alleviate symptoms and keeping their mind and body stimulated.

4. Social Connection

As seniors get older, they may feel as if their social circles are getting smaller. One in three senior admit to being lonely, and this loneliness affects their health by lowering their motivation to do physical activity and heightening feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression. Time at a driving range or golf course can build new relationships with other players of the same age and with similar interests. Social connections are so crucial for people of any age and will help overall mood and emotional stability.

5. Mood Enhancer

Engaging in a round of golf, whether alone or with friends, can relieve stress and boost endorphins, your “feel good” hormones. A day on the green allows you to disconnect from distractions, which helps builds patience, calm, and an overall feeling of happiness. For seniors who may be feeling a little down about retiring or a little lonely, this improves mood and well-being.


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