Golf is one of the most popular sports for adults. You may wonder if following a ball around a course offers many health benefits compared to faster-paced activities. Here are three reasons to grab some clubs and head to a local course.

What Are the Health Benefits of Golf?

1. Exercise 

The American Heart Association® recommends that adults partake in at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic activity every day. Walking 9 or 18 holes across the golf course can help you reach this goal. 

You’ll get more benefits from walking the entire course, but you can get in 2,880 or so steps for a 9-hole game while using a golf cart. You’re likely to walk around 6 miles when playing an 18-hole course without a cart. 

Golfing also requires flexibility and strength to swing the club. You practice balance as you set your stance and choose your feet positioning, and undergo a full-body stretch and twist while swinging at the ball. People with limited mobility are often drawn to the sport because they can use a cart to follow the ball while gaining strength and flexibility through their swings.

2. Socialize

golf Hamilton County OHPeople often play golf because they enjoy spending time with fellow players. Socialization can reduce depression symptoms by creating feelings of belonging. Older individuals who play golf can lower their risk of dementia by forming relationships with others. The game requires mental focus as you banter with the people in your group while playing through each hole. You’re exercising your brain by teasing one another, strategizing, and counting up your hits.

3. Nature

Being outside can reduce stress, soothe your nervous system, and improve your mood. Seeing the green of the grass and trees can lower blood pressure and reduce hypertension. You may also experience less mental fatigue and restored focus after spending time outdoors. 


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