Putting is one of the most crucial aspects of any golf game. But choosing golf clubs requires skill and knowledge, and selecting a putter to make the difference on tricky holes is a challenge. In the guide below, you can find out more about what to look for in a putter, whether for a professional fitting or to make an informed purchase on your own.

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Putter

How Can You Determine Your Stroke Path?

Most golfers fall into one of two categories when it comes to putting style: either a straight line or arced. A straight putting path is an effort to keep the club path straight back-and-through with the putter face kept square with the target. Putting with an arc involves pulling the club slightly back inside, squaring the face to the ball, and curving to the left on the finish.

You can determine your stroke path by placing two lengths of masking tape on the ground parallel to your toes. Hit putts between the tape several times to determine your style.

How Can You Choose the Right Golf Clubs for Your Game?

golf clubsThere are two broad categories of putters: “face-balanced” and “toe-balanced.”

Face-balanced putters are better suited to a straight stroke because they keep the putter face square to the ball. With a balanced shaft, the clubface will point straight up. Blade-style putters are also beneficial to a straight stroke style.

Toe-balanced putters are narrower in shape and will benefit a gently arcing stroke by squaring the clubface to the ball upon impact. With the shaft balanced, the toe will drop and angle towards the ground.

A third category is putters with a high moment-of-inertia (MOI). These are useful to both putting styles, either face-balanced or mid-balanced with a slight toe-hang. They can help reduce inconsistent rolling or twisting on off-center impacts.

How Can You Select the Proper Fit?

Contacting the ball consistently depends on a combination of skill and proper fit. A putter that’s the incorrect length will never deliver the ball where you’re putting it to.

A test to determine whether you’re using an appropriate putter involves addressing the club. Then, drop the ball from your left eye. If the dropped ball strikes the ball you intend to hit, you have the correct length.

If the dropped ball lands between the ball on the ground and your feet, your club is too long and you need to consult a professional fitter. It’s almost always beneficial to your game to have your golf clubs properly fitted to ensure the best performance.


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