Whether you’ve just learned how to golf or you're a seasoned player, golfing in a group is fun and rewarding. It’s a sport that’s designed to be enjoyed with others and anyone can get started. Here are a few reasons why it’s best to go golfing with a group. 

Why Should You Golf With a Group?

1. Improve Your Abilities 

In order to get better at any sport, you have to push past your comfort zone. If you’ve golfed alone for a long time, you might notice that it’s a challenge to do this – but a bit of friendly competition may be all you need to improve your golf skills. Playing in a group is an effective way to push yourself without having to manage the stress of a formal competition. By regularly playing with a group, you’ll become effective at spotting your deficiencies and finding ways to improve. 

2. Save Money 

Golfing costs can add up quickly, and while spending on your hobbies is worthwhile, it’s nice to save money when possible. Golfing with others can be more cost-effective than going alone since ranges often have package deals for groups. These discounts commonly apply to food and beverages so you can enjoy lunch or dinner on your golf outing without spending a significant amount of money. 

3. Make New Friends 

golfThe chances are that if you enjoy golfing alone, you’ll enjoy it even more with friends. By golfing with others you’ll make new friends and connect with people over a shared interest. New opportunities may open up for you to train, compete, and improve your golf game through the connections that you create. Even better, you may end up with long-term friends who you see on and off the golf course throughout your life. 

4. Use New Equipment 

If you’ve wanted to swap out your golf club but aren’t sure about the best alternative, golfing with a group is a great way to test out new equipment. While golfing with friends, you can swap items and get comfortable with different equipment before purchasing something new. 


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