While silverfish are not as common as termites, mice, and ants, it is still concerning to see them inside your home. If you find these bugs inside the home, scheduling prompt pest control services can help you remove them. However, you may have questions about these bugs and how they can impact your home. Below are answers to common inquiries that homeowners have about silverfish.

What You Should Know About Silverfish 

What do they look like? 

Silverfish are small creatures that are usually about 1 inch long or shorter. Young silverfish are white, and they change to a silver-gray hue as they age. They are slim and have slippery scales, with two long front antennae and three thin tails. They are speedy and can dart through tiny spaces. They have a unique wriggling motion that resembles a swimming fish. 

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Where do they go in a home?

Like cockroaches, silverfish are nocturnal. They prefer damp, dark places, such as inside the garage, attic, basement, and kitchen. They also feed on starchy substances and wet fabrics, which is why many people spot them in the bathroom. Other than the pests, you may also spot small, black droppings or empty shell casings that they leave when shedding.

What damage can they cause? 

Silverfish are generally harmless to humans and pets because they cannot bite or spread disease. However, they can damage books, paper documents, and clothes, as they chew through these materials to feed. They are especially dangerous for wool, cotton, and silk fabrics, as these are easy for them to eat. They also leave yellow stains behind that are difficult to remove.

How can I prevent a future infestation? 

In nature, silverfish live in soil. When the ground becomes too dry or wet, they may come inside your home to seek shelter. They can fit through tiny cracks and holes, so sealing gaps in the foundation, windows, and doors will help keep them outside. Additionally, spreading cedar shavings around potential entry points will deter them. Keep paper and clothing off the floor and place starchy foods, such as flour and cornmeal, in a sealed container. If you already have silverfish, call a pest control professional to remove them from the property.


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