Winter will be here sooner than you might think, and with colder temperatures, your gas furnace will be putting in a lot of work to keep the home comfortable. After enjoying the summer, you may not give this system much thought until you need it. However, scheduling an annual maintenance check during the early fall is the best choice for your family; find out why in the guide below.

3 Reasons to Schedule Gas Furnace Maintenance in the Fall

1. Avoids Unexpected Breakdowns

Many heating repair problems occur when you first try to use the furnace at the beginning of winter. The wear and tear that occurred during the last heating season can worsen as the unit sits unused. 

When parts wear down or age, they can potentially cause the unit to break down when you try to use it again. A fall maintenance check allows technicians to identify and correct any problems so that the system doesn't fail when you need it most.

2. Improves the System’s Efficiency

gas furnace

A fall furnace tuneup also includes cleaning the unit, lubricating its moving parts, and making any necessary adjustments to electrical connections and other areas. In addition to mitigating repair problems, these steps help the unit heat your home more efficiently, which will lower your monthly energy bills.

3. Ensures Speedy Work

Scheduling a furnace tuneup early in the fall ensures that you’ll get maintenance handled in a timely manner. Just like summer sees increased demand for air conditioning services, winter brings a heavy need for furnace work. Contractor demand tends to be lower when neither the furnace nor air conditioner is needed, so you can typically get someone out for a tuneup the same day or the day after you request service.


If your gas furnace could use a tuneup this fall, contact Steele Heating & Cooling in Chelsea, MI. Serving Washtenaw and Jackson counties for over 60 years, their experienced technicians have the knowledge and skills to prepare your heating system for Michigan’s tough winters. Visit them online to learn more about their services, or schedule an appointment by calling (734) 475-1222.