Spring allergies are a common nuisance affecting millions of people across the country this time of year. The warm weather after winter sparks an increase in plant growth, filling both indoor and outdoor air with pollen that causes flu-like symptoms. Luckily, you can control the amount of pollen at home with a little care and a few modifications to your AC unit

What Brings Spring Allergens Into Your Home?

AC unit

Every time you walk around outside, you'll pick up allergens and dust particles on your clothing and shoes. To keep allergens from entering your home in the first place, you should avoid wearing your shoes inside the house. Keep them by the door on a designated shoe rack or mat and switch to wearing slippers around the house. 

If you spend an extended period of time outdoors, pollen will also stick to your clothes and hair. After you come home, shower immediately and put your clothes in a designated dirty bin. 

You should also seal gaps and cracks around the windows and doors and keep them closed to prevent pollen from drifting inside.

How to Remove Allergens From Your Home

Aside from taking preventative measures to minimize pollen inside the house, you can directly attack allergy issues by upgrading your AC unit. A running AC circulates air in your home, filtering allergens out as it cools the different rooms. Just make sure you're swapping out the filter every one to three months. A clogged filter will force the HVAC system to work harder and won't catch all the debris.

You can reduce humidity by installing a dehumidifier to control mold and bacteria growth, which can also trigger allergies. 

An air purifier is another great solution for people with springtime allergies—these units add additional filtering capabilities to your AC unit, directly filtering airborne allergens from your living space. This is the most direct solution for removing pollen and other allergens to improve indoor air quality.


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